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Health Professions

Supply and Distribution Tables for State-Licensed Health Professions in Texas

For information regarding licensing, certification, or education requirements for health professionals, please contact the licensing board for that profession.

Note: These tables INCLUDE ONLY persons who are licensed with their Texas board and are actively working in their profession. Our tables EXCLUDE persons who are licensed by their Texas board but have indicated to the board that they are retired, inactive, working out-of-state (or living out-of-state if table is based on residence address), and, in some cases, military. Therefore, the total number of licensees in the professions that we report may be different from the number that the boards report if they do not exclude certain categories of licensees (e.g., those who are retired).

Note: In 2008, a new method was used to determine the numbers of health professionals per county. On some of the 2008 tables, a few counties may show an unusual and significant increase or decrease in the numbers compared to 2007. For more information, please refer to the section on methodology.

Last updated February 26, 2021