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Industrial X-Ray Registration FAQs

How long can a new facility operate without a certificate of registration?

A first time customer of x-ray radiation machines is not required to have a registration in hand before a purchase of radiation machines. A facility must apply for a certificate of registration within 30 days of beginning use of the radiation machines. Companies using the following radiation machines are required to have a certificate of registration prior to use:

  • Industrial accelerators
  • X-ray services and industrial radiographic (IR) operations

These exceptions can be found in 25 Texas Administrative Code, §289.226.

How does our company register industrial radiation machines?

For a new certificate of registration for Industrial Radiation Machines, please submit the following:

  1. RC Form 226-04 Industrial Radiation Machine Application  
  2. RC Form 226-01 Business Information Form - Registration 
  3. Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) qualifications:
  4. Appropriate fee. To determine the fee for your facility refer to:

Where do we send our completed application packet?

Mailing Address for New Applications with Money:
Texas Department of State Health Services
Radiation Safety Licensing Branch
MC 2003 PO Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347

Who needs to sign application or amendment requests?

The designated RSO listed on certificate of registration and applicant (person duly authorized).

What are the requirements to become a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)?

Requirements for RSOs can be found in 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.226:

    • All RSOs shall meet the following general requirements in addition to requirements in specific categories, except for industrial radiography (IR) RSOs:
    • knowledge of potential radiation hazards and emergency precautions; and
    • completed educational courses related to ionizing radiation safety or a radiation safety officer course; or
  • experience in the use and familiarity of the type of equipment used

Additional requirements for Industrial Radiography (IR) RSOs

Requirements for IR radiation safety officers can be found in 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.255:

  • possession of a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency based on the GED test;
  • completion of the training and testing requirements; and
  • 2 years of documented radiation protection experience, including knowledge of industrial radiographic operations with at least 40 hours of active participation in industrial radiographic operations.

What are the responsibilities of a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)?

The responsibilities of the RSO can be found in 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.226. Responsibilities of RSOs. Specific duties of the RSO include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • establishing and overseeing operating and safety procedures that maintain radiation exposures as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA), and to review them regularly to ensure that the procedures are current and conform with this chapter;
  • ensuring that individual monitoring devices are properly used by occupationally-exposed personnel, that records are kept of the monitoring results, and that timely notifications are made as required by '289.203 of this title;
  • investigating and reporting to the agency each known or suspected case of radiation exposure to an individual or radiation level detected in excess of limits established by this chapter and each theft or loss of source(s) of radiation, determining the cause, and taking steps to prevent its recurrence;
  • having a thorough knowledge of management policies and administrative procedures of the registrant and keeping management informed on a periodic basis of the performance of the registrant's radiation protection program, if applicable;
  • assuming control and having the authority to institute corrective actions including shut-down of operations when necessary in emergency situations or unsafe conditions;
  • maintaining records as required by this chapter; and
  • ensuring that personnel are adequately trained and complying with this chapter, the conditions of the certificate of registration, and the operating and safety procedures of the registrant.

How do we change our Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)?

Notify the agency in writing within 30 days by completing and submitting one of the following forms along with RSO qualifications:

Can a facility have more than one Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)?

No, the facility can have only one RSO per registration.

What name(s) are we supposed to put on the Business Information Form?

The legal name and doing business as name (if applicable), as filed with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS) Office, should be entered on RC 226-01 Business Information Form . The SOS office can be reached at (800) 252-1381 or http://www.sos.state.tx.us.

When do we have to notify the agency of company changes?

Notify the agency within 30 days of changes to your registration. According to 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.226 the registrant shall notify the agency in writing of any changes that would render the information contained in the application for registration and/or the certificate of registration inaccurate.

What do we do for an ownership and/or name change?

Due to all of the variables in an ownership and/or name change, we recommend that you contact the Radiation Machine Source Group at (512) 834-6688 ext. 2225 for more detailed information.

How is the Envision OV LTNDT 70 classified?

The Envision OV LTNDT 70 should be registered as industrial x-ray radiography for temporary job sites.

How is a PMI/XRF gun classified?

An x-ray gun should be registered as other industrial portable/handheld fluorescence (open beam).

What are the current fee amounts?

The current fees may be found in 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.204 or RC 204 RMSU Fee Schedule .

Industrial Radiography Fee Schedule

(A) Fixed Facility: $1,960.00
(B) Temporary Job Sites: $3,280.00 (includes Open Vision machines used for non- destructive testing/fluoroscopy)

Other Industrial Machines: $670.00

(A) Portable/Handheld Fluorescence X-Ray (Open Beam)
(B) Portable/Handheld Intensified Fluoroscopy X-Ray (Open Beam)
(C) Fluoroscopy X-ray
(D) Industrial Accelerator
(E) Spectrography X-Ray
(F) Flash X-Ray: Stationary or Portable (includes Open Vision machines used for bomb detection)
(G) Educational: Medical, Dental or Veterinary
(H) Research (x-ray for non-human/ not live animal use)
(I) Morgues/Forensics
(J) X-Ray Diffraction (Open Beam)

Minimal Threat Machines: $290.00

(A) Fluorescence X-Ray (Closed Beam)
(B) X-Ray Diffraction (Closed Beam)
(C) X-Ray Gauge
(D) Certified Cabinet X-Ray
(E) Package X-Ray
(F) Electron Bean Welding
(G) Particle Size Analyzer
(H) Ion-Implant
(I) Cathodoluminescence


Fee is charged according to applicable category.

X-Ray Services: $290.00

(A) Demonstration/Sales
(B) Assembly, Installation or Repair
(C) Provider of Equipment
(D) Consultation performed by a Licensed Medical Physicist or Certified Health Physicist
(E) Agency-Accepted Training Courses

Additional authorized use location where radiation machines or services are authorized under the same registration will be 30% of applicable fee.

A registration covering more than one machine category shall be accompanied by the prescribed fee for the highest category.

Will we get a new certificate after we pay our biennial fees?

No, you will not receive a new certificate.

Why doesn’t our certificate have an expiration date?

Minimal Threat certificates of registration do not have an expiration date and the certificates are valid until they are terminated.

Do we need to send fees when adding a new site or equipment?

No, fees are due when applying for a new registration and every 2 years thereafter.

How do we get a duplicate/copy of the Certificate of Registration?

To request a duplicate or copy of the certificate, contact Open Records at RadiationControlOpenRecords@dshs.texas.gov.

How can we verify that the agency has received our amendment request?

Send your verification request to the Radiation Machine Source Group by clicking here.

We are going to lease an x-ray machine. Do we have to apply for a registration?

Yes, even for a one day use you are required to obtain a registration. To lease a machine, you need to have a registration in-hand before use.

What are reporting requirements for x-ray services companies in Texas?

According to 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.226: Any person who sells, leases, lends, disposes, assembles, install, or otherwise transfers radiation machines in the state shall notify the agency of the following information within 30 days of such action:

(A) the name, address, and certificate of registration number, except in the case of initial machine installation, of persons who have received such machines;
(B) the type of radiation machine, the manufacturer’s name, model number, and control panel serial number of each radiation machine; and
(C) the date of transfer or disposal of each radiation machine.

What is the process for transferring, disposing of, or storing a piece of equipment?

The registrant will need to submit a completed RC-18R, Radiation Machine Transfer & Disposal Form indicating disposition of equipment. The form must be signed and dated by the appropriate person.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality also provides resources on disposing of x-ray equipment in Texas.

What is the process for terminating a site?

The registrant will need to submit RC 17-R Termination Form indicating which site(s) to terminate.

For disposition of equipment complete the RC-18R, Radiation Machine Transfer & Disposal Form (PDF, 16KB). The form must be signed by the appropriate person.

What is the process for terminating a registration?

The registrant will need to submit a completed Form RC 17-R, Request for Registration Termination (PDF, 24KB). Disposition of equipment must be disclosed. The form must be signed by the appropriate person (applicant or person duly authorized).

Last updated January 20, 2022