Stroke System Development

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In 2005, Senate Bill 330 was passed during the 79th Legislature. The purpose of the bill was to develop a state emergency stroke treatment system. This allows responders to identify, transport, and treat stroke victims in appropriate facilities. The stroke designation rules went into effect on February 17, 2022. 

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has the authority to designate facilities. The Office of EMS/Trauma Systems Section of DSHS works with hospitals and Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) to:
  • Develop facility designation protocols,
  • Develop policies, and
  • Designate facilities in the state.

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Stroke System Development



Stroke Facility Designation

The Brain Attack Coalition (BAC) recommendations are the department-approved national stroke standard requirements for Comprehensive and Primary Stroke Center designation per Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §157.133. The BAC requirements are located at:



The non-refundable stroke application fees for a stroke designation period are as follows:

  • Level I stroke facility application fee is $100.00.
  • Level II stroke facility application fee is $100.00.
  • Level III stroke facility application fee is $100.00.




For the purposes of Stroke Facility designation, DSHS will accept certifications or survey results from these recognized agencies:


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Staff Contacts

For technical difficulties information,  process or rule clarification:
Designation Program Manager  
Elizabeth Stevenson, R.N. – (512) 834-6794   

Designation Program Coordinator 
Audrey Green, R.N. – (512) 605-9108



Last updated September 16, 2022