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Texas Binational Tuberculosis (TB) Program

The DSHS Binational Tuberculosis (TB) Program in the TB and Hansen’s Disease Branch provides TB prevention and care services addressing the high incidence of TB cases along the Texas-Mexico border to reduce transmission of TB and to protect public health in Texas. Texas has 1,254 miles of border that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to El Paso. There are four binational program sites serving the Texas-Mexico border (listed below). The Binational Programs are directed by the guiding principles, mission, and values of DSHS and the Secretariat of Health. The standards are set forth by the DSHS TB and Hansen's Disease Branch.

TB adult and pediatric medical consultations are available from DSHS Recognized TB Medical Consultants.

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Map showing service areas of TB Binational Program. Links to the four program areas are above map.

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