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Prescription opioid painkiller misuse is a big problem in the great State of Texas. Each day, 115 Americans die of opioid overdoses. In Texas, there were 1,375 opioid-related deaths reported in 2016. Of the top 25 cities for opioid misuse, four are in Texas – Texarkana, Amarillo, Odessa and Longview. The American Enterprise Institute research shows non-fatal overdoses cost the state $20 billion a year. Texas’ Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee has found that prescription drug overdose is a leading cause of maternal deaths.  

Education about the dangers of misusing prescription opioids remains VITAL. It impacts the health and safety of all Texans.   

Recognizing this need, the Office of the Texas Attorney General, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and the Texas Department of State Health Services launched Dose of Reality. This new comprehensive website informs Texans about the dangers of misusing prescription painkillers. It provides resources to Texans about the dangers of misusing prescription painkillers.


The Dose of Reality website provides one location for opioid-related resources that will help:

  • Individuals,
  • Students,
  • Parents,
  • Patients,
  • Health care providers,
  • Teachers,
  • Senior adults,
  • Veterans,
  • Businesses, and
  • Others.

This website offers quick and easy access to critical information. Resources include downloadable fact sheets, posters, brochures, printable talking points, and more.  

The new website includes details on approaches to:

  • Prevent opioid misuse and addiction,
  • Use proper pain management,
  • Safely store prescription painkillers, and
  • Guidelines on responding to an opioid overdose.  

A primary feature of the website is the statewide “Drug Take Back Locator Map”. It lists the locations that accept prescription opioids for safe disposal year-round. 

If your organization or company offers a year-round drug take back service, get on the locator map. Please contact the Office of the Attorney General at or call (512) 463-2100.

Visit the new Dose of Reality website at

For more information, please contact the Office of the Texas Attorney General at:

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Last updated September 20, 2019