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    Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section
    MC 1965
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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section

Dedicated to the health of every Texan throughout the lifespan.

The Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section is part of the Division of Disease Control and Prevention of the Texas Department of State Health Services. The Section serves Texans by creating, promoting and guiding public health programs across the lifespan to promote healthy lifestyles and educate, prevent and manage chronic diseases. Click here for more information about the Section.

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: All Texans live, work, play and learn in communities that support health and an optimal quality of life at every age.

Mission: To serve all Texans by improving and supporting systems, policies and environments that promote health and improve quality of life.

Goal: To coordinate efforts between communities, coalitions, and stakeholders to support and sustain an environment that makes possible a whole and healthy Texan.

Areas of Expertise

Birth Childhood Adolescence Teens Early Adulthood Midlife Late Life End of Life

Community Health Workers


   Childhood Obesity






   School Health





   Nutrition and Wellness










   Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke





   Comprehensive Cancer


   Community and Worksite Wellness







   Alzheimer's Disease

   Research and Evaluation

Last updated March 6, 2018