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TxEVER: Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar for Vital Statistics Partners.


February 2021 Winter Storm Reporting

For deaths related to the winter storm, please indicate "February 2021 Winter Storm" on the death certificate. Please complete the "Disaster-Related Mortality Surveillance Form" and Email to Email DSHS VSS Field Services,, if you need a copy of the form.


For deaths due to COVID-19, report COVID-19 in Cause of Death – Part I on the Medical 2 tab. Report other chronic conditions that may have contributed (e.g. COPD, asthma) in Cause of Death – Part II on the Medical 2 tab. For CDC guidance to medical certifiers on reporting COVID-19 deaths, please visit

For funeral homes to print the Burial Transit Permit (BTP) as quickly as possible, the medical certifier only needs to accept medical designation in TxEVER, then select and save "Natural" as the manner of death. The medical certifier can later return and complete the death certificate within the required 5 days after medical designation. Look here for more details  Steps for Medical Certifier for Burial Transit Permit .

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Scheduled Maintenance

TxEVER may be unavailable for regular monthly IT maintenance on Sunday nights from 9:00pm through 11:00pm.

Last updated December 30, 2021