The TxEVER Project

The Vital Statistics Section (VSS) introduces a new registration system called the Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar (TxEVER). TxEVER replaces the legacy Texas Electronic Registrar (TER) systems, allowing Texas to become one of the first states to embrace a fully integrated vital records system. The TxEVER system went live on January 1, 2019 to support all vital events operations, including reporting, registration, and amendments of births and deaths. This page provides you with the tools for a successful transition to TxEVER. 

Important Notice

Funeral director orders for death certificates through TxEVER are being processed within the expected 10-15 business day timeframe. Please do not refer family members to the Austin VSS Lobby or to call the TxEVER Help Desk for status on your orders, as this increases our processing times and call hold times for our stakeholders.

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Important Notices


Conference Calls




Scheduled Maintenance

TxEVER will be unavailable Sunday nights from 9:00pm through 11:00pm for regular IT maintenance.

Help Desk Hours

TxEVER Help Desk hours of operations have changed to 8:00am - 4:00pm, Mon-Fri. For after hours assistance, please submit a TxEVER Help Desk Form online.

Former TER Users/New TxEVER Users

  • If your password is not working or you never received temporary password, TER user accounts have migrated to TxEVER. Contact your local administrator to reset your password if you did not receive emails with your user account information. You can also go to the login screen and click “Forgot password.” Enter your TER username and email, then a temporary password will be sent to you. Only do this once.
  • If you do not have all the rights or locations you need, submit a help desk form to the Be sure to indicate:
    • if you are a local administrator
    • what your correct location name is
    • what abilities you are missing
    • which usernames are affected at your location
    • if you are a local registrar who needs to be a supervisor for fee paper voids

Clearing Cache

For instructions to clear your Web Browser Cache, click the applicable link for  Chrome - Firefox - Internet Explorer 

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Invalid PINs

Please have your Local Administrator follow the instructions to fix invalid PINs for birth certifiers/attendants.

AOP Users

  • If AOP is not printing with entity code, know that a user must add a signature or upload a signed document before an AOP number and Entity Code will be added to the AOP form electronically. It is not possible to print pre-stamped AOP forms before collecting signatures and uploading them into the system.
  • Topaz Signature Pad Users: The signature pad issues have been fixed. You may now collect signatures directly in TxEVER using the "USB Pad" signature option. Please double check the signed AOP to ensure the signatures appear on the actual AOP form, not on a separate white page.
    • Signature pad not writing at all:  Follow this link for instructions to clear the Gen Print cache and ensure that you have Java Version 8 installed on your computer.
    • Signature pad scribbling all over the place: Follow this link to unplug signature pad, clear all browser caches, clear Gen Print cache, and ensure you have Java Version 8 installed on your computer.    

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Records Submitted on 12/28/2018

Funeral Directors: As previously communicated, death records started in 2018 needed to receive a local and state file number prior to December 28, 2018 by 4 pm. Records that were started in TER (Texas Electronic Registrar) but not completed with a local and state file number did not migrate over to TxEVER (Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar). Therefore, the records must be started over in the new system so the death records can be registered. 

If you ordered death certificates through TER in 2018 and the death certificate was not filed due to not meeting the deadline, your order will be refunded. Please email Kathy Martinez at kathy.martinez@dshs.texas.govwith the remittance number, quantity, and dollar amount for the deceased (if more info needed please add). 

Invalid PINs

Please have your Local Administrator follow the instructions to fix invalid PINs for physicians that certify death records.

Entering Pending SSNs

Funeral Directors: Follow these instructions to reset the Social Security Number field after it was set as pending.

Printing Issues

If you are having difficulty printing documents (i.e. verification of birth/death facts, report of death, etc), then you should try clearing your browser cache. Many users find that switching to Google Chrome resolves the issue.


Medical Certifiers: When searching for a medical amendment, instead of searching by EDR#, please pull up the record by the decedent's last name and date of death.  You may then proceed with amending the death certificate. 

Printable Forms

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New Remote Issuance transactions may show as "Printed" after saving the search criteria.  Follow these instructions to ensure that "Issues from Paper" is not checked.


Please note that while your new security paper orders are being processed and delivered, you may continue to use your current supply of B6 paper to issue remote births in TxEVER.

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Fixing Invalid PINs

Conference Calls and Webinars

Stakeholder Group
Date and Time Phone Number and Access Code  
All Users 
10:00 am Conference Call 
Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 6371263                      
Local Registrars                     
Monday - Friday
9:00 am  Conference Call
Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 4005163                      
Local Registrars                 
Monday - Friday
3:00pm-4:30pm Webinar  
Web Meeting: 
Primary Access Number: 1-720-279-0026 
Guest Passcode: 630499
Additional Access:    
USA 1-720-279-0026 
USA, Dallas 1-877-820-7831
Medical Certifiers
(JPs / MEs / Physicians)
11:00am Conference Call  
Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 2613625 
Hospital/Birth Clerks 
Wednesday 9:00am Conference Call  Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 2435497
Office of Attorney General (AOP)   Wednesday  9:00am Conference Call  Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 2920476 
Funeral Homes
You may join any of the local calls for BTP and local filing issues.  Make sure to dial the access code associated with local registrars. 
Thursday 11:00am Conference Call   Phone Number: 1-877-226-9790
Access Code: 2920476
Last updated February 19, 2019