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Revised Polices in Response to Supreme Court Ruling

The Department of State Health Services has been reviewing vital events forms and all vital event areas and records that may be affected by the June 26, 2015 Supreme Court Obergefell decision recognizing same-sex marriage as well as the July 7, 2015 U. S. District Court DeLeon decision.  As a result, DSHS is implementing revised policies and procedures and also will amend certain vital events forms and records related to vital-events records to recognize married, same-sex couples.

The vital event records to be addressed by the revised policies, procedures and forms are: birth certificates; death certificates; supplementary birth certificates (for adoptions) and birth certificates resulting from gestational agreements (surrogacy). The revised policies have been updated, as of August 24, 2015 and now address informal marriages, divorce, burial transit permits, and disinterment permits.

DSHS will work to implement all revisions immediately and process and issue all requests as soon as possible. DSHS has identified required modifications to the electronic vital records system to properly reflect terminology consistent with the Courts rulings. The necessary programming has been completed for the issuance of birth certificates to reflect same-sex parents.  Ongoing modifications are being completed regarding other necessary system modifications.  All modified forms and instructions will be communicated to local registrars or other entities that may file vital information such as hospitals and funeral homes. Additional information will be posted on this page as soon as it is available. For questions regarding the policies and procedures, please e-mail registrar@dshs.state.tx.us

Please view the policies that will be implemented for the above referenced vital records.

Last updated September 3, 2015