Birth and Death Amendments

To add or change the father on a birth certificate, see the Paternity and Parentage page.

Announcement of change in policy for expedited processing times

Effective May 1, 2018, the turnaround time for expedited applications is 20-25 business days.  This change impacts expedited requests for changes to Birth and Death records (including adoption and paternity amendments to birth records), and certified copies of Birth and Death records. 

This change is in response to an increasingly large volume of requests for expedited processing of applications, and it reflects the current capacity of the Vital Statistics Section to properly review and process your application.  The change allows the Vital Statistics Section to improve processing times for all applications, resulting from the high volume of requests.

Every application must be reviewed by a specialist to determine its acceptability.  Applicants with unacceptable applications will be contacted with additional instructions, which will increase the processing time.  Add 10-12 weeks to the processing time if the birth or death has occurred within the last 6 months.

Send the completed application to Texas Vital Statistics, via one of the two methods in the table below.  Include the required documentation (listed on the back the form) and the correct fee amount. 

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Processing times are estimates. Please make checks or money orders payable to DSHS.

Application methods



Payment methods

Estimated processing time

Expedited Service

Form VS-170

Form VS-172

Orders must be sent to the Vital Statistics Unit Department of State Health Services via an overnight mail service, such as:

  • Fedex
  • Lonestar
  • UPS

Do not send via United States Postal Service.

$15–amendment fee

+ $5 expedited processing fee

+ $8 return delivery for Lonestar or $22.95 express mail*

+ $22 for one certified copy of the amended birth record, or $20 for one certified copy of the amended death record (optional)


Money order

20–25 business days

Note: Incomplete or unacceptable applications will require additional processing time.
U.S. Postal Service

Form VS-170

Form VS-172

$15–amendment fee

+ $22 for one certified copy of the amended birth record, or $20 for one certified copy of the amended death record (optional)


Money order
16 weeks

*The cost of overnight delivery to most U.S. locations is $8.00. Additional fees will be added if the certificates need to be mailed/delivered outside the continental U.S or if additional services are needed, such as Saturday delivery or delivery before 8:00 AM. The cost of express mail delivery to a post office box, Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. territories, or U.S. commonwealths is $19.95. The cost of Priority Mail delivery to a military address is $4.95. These delivery methods offer security and tracking capabilities that are not available with regular mail.

Last updated November 2, 2018