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Technical Assistance

If you encounter a problem or need help using THISIS, complete a Help Desk ticket (PDF). Do not submit private health information (PHI) with the help desk ticket.

A Central Office employee will work with you to resolve your issue. Inquiries unresolved at this level will be forwarded to THISIS analysts or supervisors for further review and assistance. You will be contacted about a solution when your case can be completed or closed. Some inquiries may require changes to the system or additional resources and therefore may take some time to complete. Issues that impact system usability (such as bugs identified in the database) will need to be fixed and tested, but will be given high priority and resolved as soon as possible. Yet other requests may entail improvements that will enhance, but not inhibit work, so these issues may be assigned a lower priority.

PLEASE NOTE: The Help Desk ticket MUST be completed in Adobe Reader. Completing the form in Chrome or another web browser window will prevent you from submitting the ticket to Central Office.

Clearing Cache to Prevent Auto-populating Incorrect Data into Fields

If you are entering data into THISIS and your computer suggests filling in the fields with data you previously entered for another person, try clearing your computer's cache (PDF).

Gaining Access to THISIS

To gain access to THISIS see the DSHS TB/HIV/STD Database Account Management page.

Instructions on Setting Your Security Question to Reset Your Username or Password

After logging in, you should see a button with your name in the top right corner of the screen. Click on that button and select Edit Profile.

Screenshot of the placement of the Edit Profile menu selection
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When user goes to Edit Profile, if there ISN’T already an answer to a security question, it will say “A security question has not been entered” (or it may not display any notification at all). If a security question has already been answered, as in the screenshot below,

Screenshot of login credentials
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it will say “Please fill out only if you want to change the security question or answer.” It will never show you what the QUESTION WAS or what the ANSWER WAS. Select a question and write an answer, then select save. This step must be completed to reset or recover your password in the future.

A similar subtle notice is provided regarding password in Edit Profile. Note that it says: “Please fill out password fields only if you want to change your password.”

Forgot Password

THISIS users are unable to set a security question nor start their own password resets using the “Reset password” link. This functionality is disabled in all THISIS environments, due to issues that it was causing with core data processes. Please email for all password needs.

Forgot Username

Contact the Help Desk for assistance. 


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Last updated May 31, 2022