Dr. Prot, DO, MPH
     Interim Regional Medical Director

     Phone: 915-834-7766
     Fax: 915-834-7799

Arthur Alvarado

Arthur Alvarado, MPH, RS
Deputy Regional Director

Phone: 915-834-7785
Fax: 915-834-7799

The Regional Medical Director (RMD) for Public Health Region 9/10 provides administrative and medical oversight for regional clinics.    In those counties where there is not a physician serving as the local health authority, the RMD serves in that role—currently covering 21 out of the 36 counties in Region 9/10.  Health authorities perform duties that are necessary to implement and enforce laws to protect the public’s health. Such duties may include quarantine, inspections, disease prevention activities and outbreak investigations. 
The Deputy Regional Director (DRD) provides programmatic direction and administrative oversight for the region. In the absence of the Regional Medical Director, the DRD acts on their behalf except in situations that under law or policy that require the services of a licensed physician.                                                                                                                                                                                                  
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Last updated August 14, 2019