Public Health Region 8 - Zoonosis Control Program

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Amanda Kieffer, DVM, MPH
Regional Veterinarian
7430 Louis Pasteur
San Antonio, TX 78229
Fax: 210-692-1457


The purpose of the Zoonosis Control Program is to promote the public health through prevention and control of diseases transmissible from animals to man.  The Zoonosis control program works in liaison with local, federal and other state agencies concerned with zoonotic disease control.


  • Investigate all reported occurrences of zoonotic disease in the Region
  • Serve as regional subject matter experts on zoonotic and vector-borne diseases for medical and veterinary health care providers, public health personnel, and area residents
  • Conduct surveillance activities for zoonotic and vector-borne diseases of public health concern
  • Present educational programs dealing with zoonosis
  • Provide training courses for animal control officers
  • Inspect and certify animal control facilities where rabies suspects are observed


  • Provide educational programs on bite avoidance, disease prevention, diagnostic testing, and vector surveillance
  • Assist health care providers and community stakeholders with rabies risk assessment and rabies biological procurement
  • Support preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for public health emergencies
  • Liaise with zoonotic and vector-borne disease community task force programs


Last updated February 24, 2021