General License Acknowledgements - Radioactive Materials

There are two categories, listed below, of radioactive material that require the submission of an application for the possession of radioactive material for use under a general license acknowledgement (GLA). The general license is granted by Title 25 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §289.251(g).

1. Certain Detecting, Measuring, Gauging, or Controlling Devices

These devices are designed and manufactured for the purpose of detecting, measuring, gauging or controlling thickness, density, level, interface location, radiation, leakage, or qualitative or quantitative chemical composition.

This category involves devices that contain radioactive material in the following quantities:

  • 10 millicuries(mCi) or greater of cesium-137;
  • 1 mCi or greater of cobalt-60;
  • 1 mCi or greater of americium-241 or any other transuranic (e.g. curium-244, californium-251); or
  • 0.1 mCi of strontium-90.

Application Process

To apply for a GLA for these devices, an RC 251-2, Application for a General License Acknowledgement Form (PDF, 92KB) and RC 252-1, Business Information Form (PDF, 54KB) must be completed and submitted, along with the appropriate fee, within 30 days of receipt of the device.

2. In Vitro Clinical or Laboratory Testing

In vitro clinical or laboratory testing specified in 25 TAC §289.251(f)(4)(G) is exempt from the general license registration requirement.

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Last updated January 28, 2016