Professional Licensing and Certification Unit Criminal History Evaluation


Amendments were made to Occupations Code, Chapter 53 by House Bill (HB) 963, 81st Legislature, Regular Session (2009). HB 963 authorizes the collection of a fee for providing potential applicants a criminal history evaluation letter effective November 4, 2010.

The purpose of the criminal history evaluation is to establish procedures to evaluate, upon request, the criminal history of potential applicants to determine if they are ineligible to hold a license for health professions that include Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers. These evaluations will occur before the potential applicants enter or complete a preparatory educational program or licensure examination leading to licensure thereby allowing applicants to avoid unnecessary hardship or costs if their criminal history is a ground for license ineligibility. 


The criminal history evaluation letter fee is $50 for each of program or each type of license.

Please fill out the "Criminal History Evaluation Letter" form below and indicate by marking an "X" beside the board or program name and beside the type of license.

Request for a Criminal History Evaluation Letter

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View the law on the State of Texas web site:

Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 53

The text of the law is available to download or print by scrolling to Chapter 53 at:

Note: You can find the Texas Occupations Code by scrolling and selecting "Occupations Code" on the first drop down box, then on Article/Chapter, scroll and select "Chapter 53. Consequences of Criminal Conviction", and on Art./Section, scroll and select "Sec. 53.102. Request for Criminal History Evaluation Letter", finally select the "Go" button to view or print the Texas Occupations Code.


Last updated May 15, 2020