News Releases 2016

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12/22/16 -  Additional Locally-Acquired Zika Case in Cameron County

12/14/16 -  Public Health Officials Outline Zika Testing Guidance

12/09/16 - Texas Announces Additional Local Zika Cases in Cameron County

11/28/16 - Texas Announces Local Zika Virus Case in Rio Grande Valley

10/14/16 - DSHS Reminds Pregnant Women who Travel to Mexico about Zika Testing
HEALTH ALERT - Zika Testing in Pregnant Women

10/03/16 - State Health Officials Urge Zika Testing in Rio Grande Valley
HEALTH ALERT - Enhanced Zika Disease Surveillance in High-Risk Area

09/29/16 - Do Not Delay, Get Your Flu Shot Before Flu Season Strikes: Texas Influenza Awareness Day is Oct. 1

09/29/16 - DSHS Issues Revised Fish Consumption Advisory for Ellison Creek Reservoir

08/15/16 - Texas Zika Illness Linked to Miami Travel

08/09/16 - Infant death in Texas linked to Zika

08/03/16 - Texas on Alert for Local Zika, Urges Precautions

07/29/16 - Texas Finalizes Penalty Agreement With Blue Bell

07/20/16 - DSHS and Partners Provide Free Medical Care in South Texas

07/14/16 - DSHS Offers PAM Precautions

07/13/16 - Baby Born in Texas With Microcephaly Linked to Zika

07/01/16 - Texas Strengthens Zika Efforts as Threat Persists

05/31/16 - DSHS Announces First Texas-Acquired Chikungunya Case

05/27/16 - State Campaign Focuses on Protection against Zika

05/19/16 - Year's First West Nile Case Highlights Precautions

03/03/16 - Texas Takes Aim at Zika Virus

02/09/16 - DSHS Issues Fish Consumption Advisory for Lake Como

02/02/16 - DSHS Reports First Locally Acquired Zika Case

01/11/16 - Vaccine Airdrops Target Rabies in Texas

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