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Newborn Screening Newsletters 2008-2005

Newborn Screening News Newsletter

June 2008 (PDF 129KB) - Newborn Screening Laboratory Specimen Receiving; Free On-Site Education; Why Two Screens For Each Baby?
March 2008 (PDF 104KB) - Newborn Screening Expansion; NEW! NBS Staff Directory Magnets; IN-SERVICE EDUCATION; Sickle Cell Trait; Ombudsman; SPECIMEN COLLECTION VIDEO
January 2008 (PDF 43KB) - EXPIRED CARDS!, Specimens Collected on Expired Forms are REJECTED; REMINDER: ROTATE YOUR FILTER PAPER STOCK; IT’S A NEW YEAR! Date of Collection; Frequently Asked Questions About the Result Reports
October 2007 (PDF 98KB) - It's NOT Just PKU; Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation; Laboratory Web-Based System; Specimen
Collection Form “05” Expiration Date Important Information; UNSATISFACTORY SPECIMENS!; REMINDER! Specimen Collection Form “06” Expiration Date 12/31/2007 Important Information; Genetic Testing for Galactosemia
July 2007 (PDF 57KB) - UNSATISFACTORY SPECIMENS!; Specimen Collection Form Expiration Date Important Information; URGENT MESSAGE NBS Specimen Rejection Possible due to NEW POSTAL REGULATIONS!!!; Updating of Result Messages used to Report NBS Specimens; Newborn Screening Report Cards!; Avoid Use of Lotions When Collecting NBS Specimens; SPECIAL NOTICE: “06” Specimen Collection Forms & “07” PARENT COPY Collection Forms Recommended Procedures; Reminders
April 2007 (PDF 53KB) - Don't Damage/Cover Barcode; Newborn Screening Report Cards; New Demographic Information; Genetic Testing for Galactosemia
February 2007 (PDF 65KB) - Newborn Screening Report Format Change Frequently Asked Questions Normal Results (PDF 68KB)
Abnormal Results (PDF 57KB)
Special Edition Addendum December 2006 (PDF 34KB) - NBS Expansion Beginning Early 2007 - Expansion of the newborn screening program from 7 to 27 disorders is just around the corner. Here are important new procedures, reminders of current practices, and things you can do can do to make it a smooth transition.
Special Edition December 2006 (PDF 63KB)  
October 2006 (PDF 67KB) - Expanded Newborn Screening Frequently Asked Questions; Specimen Collection Form Expiration Date Important Information.
July 2006 (PDF 60KB) - Specimen Collection Form Expiration Date Important Information:; Newborn Screening Expansion; Quick Reference To Proposed Panel of Newborn Screening Disorders; NEWBORN SCREENING PROPOSED RULES; NEW DESIGN OF SPECIMEN COLLECTION FILTER PAPER.
April 2006 (PDF 313KB) - REMINDER: Rotate Your Filter Paper Stock; DNA Report Format Change.
January 2006 (PDF 50KB) - The 2004 NBS specimen collection devices expire on December 31, 2005; Newborn Screening Project Charter Report; Suggestions for Changes in the Newborn Screening Administrative Rules; HB 790.
October 2005 (PDF 69KB) - REMINDER! Specimens are UNACCEPTABLE and will be REJECTED when; NBS Specimen Demographic Information for Special Cases; HIPAA and Newborn Screening; Newborn Screening Bookmarks; NBS Celebrates 40th Birthday.
July 2005 (PDF 127KB) - URGENT NOTICE Did you know that the hot weather during our Texas summers can damage newborn screening specimens?; Rotate Your Stock; Newborn Screening Practitioner's Guide; Phenylketonuria (PKU) Monitoring and Confirmatory Testing
April 2005 (PDF 35KB) - URGENT NOTICE: Specimen are UNACCEPTABLE and will be REJECTED; Unacceptable Specimen Quality; SUMMER HEAT; PHENYLKETONURIA (PKU): Laboratory Tests, Purpose of Phenylalanine Confirmatory and Diet Monitoring Program, Services Available for PKU Patients.
January 2005 (PDF 35KB) - Unsatisfactory Specimens due to covering wet blood spots with fold-over flap, Patient Demographic Information, Newborn Screening Directory.

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