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Oral Rabies Vaccination Program (ORVP)


2022 field operations concluded on January 24, 2022

  • Description
    Description of the Oral Rabies Vaccinations Programs (ORVP) in Texas

  • Information
    A summary, full description and listing of the achievements of the Texas Oral Rabies Vaccination Programs.

  • Statistics
    Summary and baiting statistics from the Texas ORVP.

  • Updates
    Daily updates and information from the field during ORVP operations. Normally, the Texas ORVP operates during the month of January.

  • Gallery
    View a wide range of photographs of the people, equipment, and locations of the Texas ORVP.

  • Education
    How to obtain Continuing Education credits for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, registered sanitarians and animal control officers.

  • Resources
    Link to other rabies and rabies control sites on the web.

News & Information

  • The Texas Department of State Health Services Zoonosis Control Branch concluded the 2022 Oral Rabies Vaccination Program’s aerial distribution of oral rabies vaccine baits for wildlife on January 24th.  The campaign distributed approximately 1 million individual vaccine baits along parts of the Texas-Mexico border over a period of approximately two weeks.  Target wildlife species include coyotes and gray foxes.  Anyone finding one of the vaccine baits is encouraged to leave it alone as wildlife can smell the human scent. The vaccine will not hurt pets or livestock if they consume one of the vaccine baits; it cannot be used in domestic animals as a substitute for the rabies vaccine administered by a veterinarian.  You should wash your hands with soap and water if you have skin contact with the liquid portion (vaccine); if you have an immunocompromising health condition, please inform your family physician immediately about your contact with a live vaccine.  Contact with a vaccine bait should also be reported to the Zoonosis Control Branch by calling 1-877-722-6725 or 512-776-7676.

  • Texas Oral Rabies Vaccination Program 2022 Distribution Zones 
    Distributions Zones

Last updated October 12, 2022