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Enforcement of Year End Requirements for DSHS Contracts

Policy Number 525.001
Effective Date February 5, 1999
Revision Date May 7, 1999
Approval Authority TB/HIV/STD Section Director

1.0 Purpose

To notify contracting agencies of the TB/HIV/STD Section (Section) intent to enforce the provisions of Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) contracts regarding final reimbursement invoices and final Financial Status Reports (FSR). The Section will grant no exceptions to requirements contained in this policy.

2.0 Authority

Uniform Grant Management Standards; General Provisions for DSHS Grant Contracts, article entitled “Terms and Conditions of Payment.”

3.0 Definition

State Biennium - A two-year period that refers to the state budget cycle.

4.0 Enforcement of General Provisions for DSHS Grant Contracts

All contracting agencies have 90 calendar days from the end of their contract period to submit final billing and final FSRs, unless specified otherwise in their contract. Requests for reimbursement received more than 90 calendar days following the end of the applicable contract period will not be paid.

5.0 Contract Amendments

Amendments to a contract must be received by the Section 120 calendar days prior to the end of the contract period.

5.1 Additional requirements for state agency contracts

Contracts with state agencies cannot extend beyond the state biennium. Projects that extend beyond August 31st of an odd-numbered year require two separate contracts. Requests to move funds from the first contract to the second must be submitted in writing and received by the Section 120 calendar days prior to the end of the first contract period.

6.0 Revision History

Date Action Section
Revision History
9/1/2017 Changed "TB/HIV/STD Unit" to "TB/HIV/STD Section" to reflect new program designation
9/17/2014 Converted format (Word to HTML) -
11/13/2002 Converted format (WordPerfect to Word) -

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