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HIV/STD Guidelines

Policy Number 110.001
Effective Date August 13, 1997
Revision Date August 13, 1997
Approval Authority TB/HIV/STD Section Director

1.0 Purpose

To adopt the HIV/STD Guidelines as the standards by which contractors of the TB/HIV/STD Section (Section) are expected to perform and fulfill prevention program activities.


2.0 Background

In an effort to assist Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) contractors and subcontractors in providing quality client services, the Section has consolidated the following, among others, the HIV Serologic Testing and Documentation Guidelines, the HIV Seropositive and Partner Notification Guidelines, the Counseling Guide for HIV Antibody Testing, and the HIV Counseling and Testing Report Form Manual into a single document entitled HIV/STD Guidelines.


3.0 Authority

Health and Safety Code, 81.051 Partner Notification Programs; Health and Safety Code, 85.081 Model Protocols.


4.0 Adoption of Comprehensive Guidelines

With this policy, the Section adopts the HIV/STD Guidelines as the standard in which DSHS contractors and subcontractors will perform HIV and STD prevention program activities.


5.0 Where to Direct Comments and/or Get Copies of the Manual

Persons that have questions or comments regarding the HIV/STD Guidelines or that wish to request copies of the HIV/STD Guidelines may contact the Section, at (737) 255-4300 or write to:

Texas Department of State Health Services
TB/HIV/STD Section
Post Office Box 149347, MC 1873
Austin, Texas 78741


6.0 Revision History

Date Action Section
Revision History
9/1/2017 Changed "TB/HIV/STD Unit" to "TB/HIV/STD Section" to reflect new program designation
9/24/2014 Converted format (Word to HTML) -
11/13/2002 Converted format (WordPefect to Word) -


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