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MAC Meeting Minutes January 5, 2018

Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee Meeting
January 5, 2018

The January 5, 2018 meeting of the Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) was held at (4110 Guadalupe Street in the West Auditorium in Austin, Texas).

MAC Members in Attendance: Philip Keiser, M.D.; Nancy Miertschin, M.P.H.; Mary Paul, M.D.; Natalie Vanek, M.D.; Yolanda Rodriguez-Escobar, Ph.D.; Frank Rosas; Bruce Turner

DSHS Staff in Attendance: Janna Zumbrun; Shelley Lucas; Rachel Sanor; Felipe Rocha; Christine Salinas; Juana Munoz; Jessica Hills; Mary Dalton; Lester Mattson

Registered Guests: John E. Fuchs, Jr.; Quynh Doan; Jack McClure; Ryan Fontenot; Brian Zorn; Sunnye Simmons; Scott Brooks; Suzanne Erickson; Paul Hassell; Trish Niswander; Doug Wood; Rachel Rogers; JayDee Fredricksen; Eric Bergquist; Bruce Gilbert; Sandy Blanco; Mark Vane; Ana Sanaseros

Action and Discussion Items Covered:

  1. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Keiser at 12:38 pm. 

  2. Welcome and Introductions by Dr. Keiser. 

  3. The minutes from the April 7, 2017, June 16, 2017, and October 6, 2017 meetings were unanimously approved 

  4. Janna Zumbrun gave an update on the Division of Laboratories and Infectious Disease Services. 

  5. The update on Ryan White Part B was presented by Shelley Lucas. There will be a Part B program change starting April 1 wherein all Ryan White providers will be required to have a third party payer. Eligibility period requirements have been aligned between THMP and the Care Services Branch, to align with the client’s birthday and renew at 6 months. 

  6. Jessica Hills gave an update on the Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP) budget. 

  7. Rachel Sanor presented the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Update and the State Pharmacy Assistance Program (SPAP) Update. THMP will provide a list of the top ten non-anti-retroviral medications at the next meeting. There was discussion regarding the usage of HCV medications and the expenditures required for them. Dr. Vanek requested language in the recertification letters to clarify that THMP versus local agency recertification are different. The question was asked if there will be a new MCF to reflect the change in dispense fees, which was answered that not all pharmacies have signed the new Memorandum of Agreement to make that change. There was discussion of the new staff positions with THMP, local ADAP Enrollment Workers, and qualifications needed for ADAP Enrollment Workers. 

  8. Ms. Sanor presented regarding the Recertification and Self-Attestation process. 

  9. The Committee discussed adding additional HCV medications to the THMP formulary. 

  10. Dr. Keiser skipped agenda items to discuss the role of the Medication Advisory Committee. Members were reminded that the Committee is an Advisory board, and that there must be a quorum present to make recommendations. The members would also like to have access to better audio-visual options, including conference call capability. There was also discussion on the information the Committee would like to see presented, including the Committee’s goals and objectives, information on client demographics, an overview of how other states’ Advisory Committees are organized, and reports from the new Regional Coordinators. Frank Rosas commented that the ADAP Advocacy Association has information comparing Committees.

  11. The action item to add Mytesi to the THMP formulary was discussed. Bruce Turner moved to recommend the addition of Mytesi to the THMP formulary on the condition that the ADAP Crisis Task Force negotiates pricing. The Committee approved unanimously. 

  12. The Committee discussed the addition of Juluca to the THMP formulary. As this medication is price neutral to medications already on the THMP formulary, it does not require Committee Action. 

  13. The next meeting was scheduled for April 27, 2018. 

  14. There were no public comments. 

  15. The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Approved by:
Phillip H. Keiser, M.D. – Chairman, Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee

Last updated June 11, 2020