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MAC Meeting Minutes June 16, 2017

Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee Meeting
June 16, 2017

The June 16, 2017 meeting of the Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee (MAC) was held at 4110 Guadalupe Street in the West Auditorium in Austin, Texas.

MAC Members in Attendance: Natalie Vanek, M.D., Vice-Chair, Nancy Miertschin, Frank Rosas, Bruce Turner

DSHS Staff in Attendance: Janna Zumbrun, Shelley Lucas, Rachel Sanor, Jessica Hills, Laura Ruiz, Mary Richards

Registered Guests: Ashlee Hays, Tyler Hunter, Suzanne Erickson, Derwin Hall, Kathy Adcox, Ray Moore, Toni Sparrow, Scott Brooks, Victoria Ford, Holly Turner, Jay Dee Fredricksen, A. Daniel Ramos, Heather Poggi-Mannis, Juanita Gutierrez

Action and Discussion Items Covered:

  1. The meeting was called to order by Dr. Vanek at 12:25 PM. A quorum was not present.

  2. The minutes from the April 7, 2017 meeting could not be approved due to there not being a quorum present. Approval of the minutes was deferred until the next meeting. 

  3. Janna Zumbrun provided an update on the Division for Disease Control and Prevention, the organizational transition which will be affecting the Division and THMP, and the state of the legislative session and budget allocations. There is a Special Legislative Session scheduled for July 18. None of the items currently on the Governor’s Call will affect the Agency.

  4. Shelley Lucas presented for Janina Vazquez regarding Ryan White Part B Updates. Due to revenue from manufacturer rebates, the State has been able to expand and augment HIV/STD Services over the last two years. 

  5. Jessica Hills, from the Budget Office, presented an update on the THMP Budget and a snapshot of current ADAP expenditures and rebate projections. Ms. Hills solicited input regarding what members would like to see in the budget update. Nancy Miertschin requested a note indicating when the State Fiscal Year starts. There was some discussion regarding item naming conventions. Ms. Miertschin requested that the percentage increase or decrease in yearly funding be shown. Ms. Zumbrun reminded the attendees that it was policy for programs not to hand out budget information not approved by the budget office. Dr. Vanek asked how the rebates will be affected by Truvada’s generic version becoming available. Rachel Sanor explained that the rebate money is not from ADAP drug usage, only from the SPAP and TIAP programs, and promised information on the top 10 medications used in SPAP and TIAP at the next meeting.

    Jessica Hills promised to have revised budget information available at the next MAC meeting.   

  6. Rachel Sanor presented program reports/issues from the previous meeting. The MAC requested Egrifta be added on a pilot basis and that tracking for cost and utilization be implemented. An action memo was sent to the Commissioner of Health requesting that Egrifta be added to the formulary for clients currently on anti-retroviral therapy.

    The Medical Certification Form is being updated to reflect a requirement in DSHS standards of care regarding an Abacavir hypersensitivity test for clients newly starting those medications.

    The ADAP Crisis Task Force reached an agreement with Merck for Isentress HD. Because this is a new formulation of a medication already on the formulary, no further Medication Advisory Committee action is needed to add this to formulary.

    Ms. Sanor then presented the ADAP/SPAP/TIAP update reports detailing clients served per month and program, clients served by month and over the past four quarters, percentage of clients served by EMA over the past two quarters, the top ten drugs dispensed per number of orders through ADAP over the past three quarters, a breakdown of ADAP clients by sex and race/ethnicity, utilization to date of recently approved drugs, and data regarding the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) pilot program to date. There was discussion regarding the information presented.

    Dr. Vanek requested an agenda item on the next meeting regarding the Medical Certification Form and program use of generic medications.

  7. Ms. Sanor presented the THMP Annual Data Report information. She pointed out that a lot of the ways THMP asks the questions is due to the HRSA reporting guidelines. There was discussion regarding the questions and the responses from clients. The wording of the questions has changed over time, and some questions are asked for data tracking purposes and do not affect client eligibility.

    Ms. Sanor then presented regarding the recertification changes taking place in THMP. Information was given regarding the THMP ADAP Enrollment Worker Trainings that have been completed, and those scheduled for the future. There was also discussion of future procedure changes and staff needs. 

  8. The discussion of the role of the Medication Advisory Committee was deferred until the next meeting.

  9. The next MAC meeting was tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 6, 2017.

  10. There were no public comments.

  11. The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Vanek at 3:20 pm.

Approved by:
Phillip H. Keiser, M.D. – Chairman, Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee

Last updated June 11, 2020