Outpatient Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology Services

Three types of organizations may qualify as an outpatient physical therapy or speech pathology service provider:

  • Rehabilitation Agency – Provides an integrated, multi-disciplinary program designed to upgrade the physical functions of handicapped, disabled individuals by bringing together specialized rehabilitation personnel.
  • Clinic – A facility established primarily to provide out-patient physician services. The facility must function in a group of at least three physicians practicing medicine together and requires a physician to be present at all times during hours of operation.
  • Public Health Agency – An agency established by a state or local government which functions to maintain the health of the population served by providing environmental health services, preventive medical services and therapeutic services.

Out-Patient Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology Service facilities are not state licensed nor are they accredited. They may be certified to participate in the federal Medicare Program.

The Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners (ECPTOTE) has advised DSHS that hospitals that provide outpatient physical therapy or occupational therapy off site in unlicensed locations must register with ECPTOTE as an occupational therapy and/or physical therapy facility or risk being assessed an administrative penalty.

However, health facilities that are licensed by DSHS under the Health and Safety Code, Chapter 241, and provide outpatient physical therapy or occupational therapy on the licensed hospital premises continue to be exempt from facility registration with ECPTOTE. See Texas Occupational Code Ann. §453.213(a) and §454.215 (a) (Vernon 2004 & Supp. 2006).

Provider Certification

The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) directs state health agencies or other appropriate agencies to determine if health care entities meet federal standards. This helping function is termed "provider certification." Health Facility Compliance Group staff is responsible for certifying Comprehensive Out-Patient Rehabilitation Facilities.

For more information on the certification process, refer to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Information page, or contact your zone office. See the City-Region-Zone List to find your appropriate zone office.

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Last updated January 13, 2015