Documents for November 21-23, 2015, GETAC meetings

Below is a list of agendas and documents that will be discussed at the GETAC meetings in Dallas. Copies of documents for the meetings will not be available at the meetings, so please download and bring these documents with you. The meetings will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. For a map or directions, click here.

Due to the importance of the documents, the Office is posting documents as they are ready, to give stakeholders as much time as possible for review. Keep checking this website for updates.


Air Medical Committee

Cardiac Care Committee
Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Committee
Education Committee

EMS Committee

Injury Prevention Committee
Medical Directors Committee
Pediatric Committee
Stroke Committee
Trauma Systems Committee

Committee Lists:

GETAC Member List
Air Medical Committee Member List
Cardiac Care Committee Member List
Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Committee Member List
Education Committee Member List
EMS Committee Member List
Injury Prevention Committee Member List
Medical Directors Committee Member List
Pediatric Committee Member List
Stroke Committee Member List
Trauma Systems Committee Member List

Additional documents by committee:


Strategic Plan (PDF, 1,254KB)
Procedural Rules (PDF, 216KB)
GETAC Minutes - May 2015 (PDF, 353KB)
GETAC Minutes - August 2015 (PDF, 422KB)


Consideration for Pediatric Consultation and Transfer (PDF, 383KB)


Recommendations for Texas Emergency Medical Systems Stroke Triage and Transport (PDF, 164KB) 

Trauma Systems

Hartford Consensus III Report (HTML)
Stop the Bleed (HTML)
Implementation of Bleeding Control- Joint Committee to Create a National Policy to Enhance Survivability from Intentional Mass Casualty and Active Shooter Events Hartford Consensus III (PDF 70KB)

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