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The Department of State Health Services will begin using eGrants Contract Amendment functionality as of November 19, 2013. If you have an active contract in eGrants, any amendments to that contract will be performed in the eGrants system.

The key things to know about Contract Amendment capabilities are:

  • All Contract Amendments initiated by you or DSHS for current Contracts in eGrants will be managed by your DSHS Contract Manager on your behalf for state fiscal year 2014.

  • DSHS staff will be assigned to your organization to perform this work.

  • DSHS staff performing work on your behalf will be identifiable by having a user id starting with a “C” followed by an 11 digit unique number. For example, a user ID could be C12345678911. DSHS will be assigning them the Contractor Responder and Contractor Signatory security roles. Please do not modify this user; DSHS will remove this user when your contract amendments are complete.

  • Your responsibility for Contract Amendments in eGrants will be similar to the work you did for your contract renewal. You will have to perform the following tasks:
    • Work with your Contract Manager regarding the details of your Amendment
    • Log-In to eGrants to review the details of your amendment, update your declarations (if applicable) and electronically sign as you did for your renewal.
    • For your information, a quick reference guide will is attached to this communication. This guide is also available on the eGrants website at
    • Do not attempt to initiate a Contract Amendment or Modification in the system.

To get eGrants technical support you may email or call toll free 1-855-312-8474.

Last updated July 17, 2015
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