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Welcome to the DSHS Audiovisual Library’s online video services.To qualify for the use of these services you must be a Texas resident and register with each online resource you wish to use. Below are the six services that we are currently offering. Each service is available to you at no cost. After registering with the service you’ll receive an e-mail with login and password information. You will only need to register once for each service.

Terra Nova Films on Demand

Terra Nova streaming videos include topics related to aging and long term care. To access these videos you will need to register for Terra Nova . (Limited to Texas residents)

Learning Seed logo

The Learning Seed online video service focuses on child development areas such as physical, social-emotional, language, cognitive and behavioral issues. It is also home to a workplace etiquette video. To access these videos you will need to  register. (Limited to Texas residents)


Kinetic Video logo

Kinetic Video focuses on mental health, substance abuse issues, dementia, and adolescent health. To access these videos you will need to register. (Limited to Texas residents)

Films on Demand logo

Films on Demand Service  (Health, Early Childhood, Rehabilitation)

The programs included in this online service are wide ranging.  You will find programs on Alcohol and Alcoholism, Bullying, Dementia and Long Term Care, Early Childhood, Eating Disorders, , Food Safety and Allergies, Hearing Loss, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Stress. 

iTrainStation Logo

iTrainStation Workplace Safety Videos (Workplace safety and Spanish language safety videos)

The iTrain Station online system provides materials to meet OSHA training requirements. Included are titles on Back  Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Driving Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Drug Free Workplace, Electrical Safety, Ergonomics, Forklift Safety, Hazard Communication, Heat Stress, Kitchen Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Office Safety, Fire Safety, Power Tool Safety, Restaurant Employee safety, School Bus Safety, Sexual and Workplace Harassment, Cold Weather Safety and much more. Many titles are also available in Spanish.  This system allows you to take online tests after viewing many of the videos.

Aurora LMS logo

Aurora Learning Management System (Workplace safety, Healthcare and Laboratory Safety, HHS Staff Development/Human Resources)

Items in this system cover a wide variety of topics including Accident Prevention, Automobile Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control, Communicable Diseases, Fire Prevention and Safety, First Aid, Healthcare, High Impact Safety, Laboratory Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Safety Awareness, Weather, and Violence

In addition to these topics Texas Health and Human Services employees will have the opportunity to view these Human Resource Training topics, Communication, Change, Diversity, Leadership, Management and Supervision, Motivation/Attitude, and Teamwork. To access the Human Resource topics please register using your Texas HHS e-mail address.

Using titles in this list enables the user to view training videos, take online tests and receive a personalized certificate of completion. They also have the opportunity to preview materials and download leaders’ guides for training prior to full presentations.


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Last updated April 24, 2019