Audiovisual Library Forms

Statement of Responsibility (Publication # F32-10521)

To be eligible for library services, you must submit a signed Statement of Responsibility form indicating that you have read and agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the library and that you accept financial responsibility for the media you borrow. A blank Statement of Responsibility form is provided below. If you do not have this form on file, please read, sign and mail or fax it to the library before you place your next order. Only one signed form is necessary.

Media Order Blank (Publication # D-1)

When possible, borrowers should submit a written request for media. The Audiovisual Library provides a Media Order Blank for this purpose (see link to pdf version below). All of the information must be completed on the media order blank.  The order form must be signed. For further information about how to order media, go to the How to Borrow Audiovisuals page.


Last updated March 1, 2021