Texas Youth Action Network

Building on the success of the Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative from 2010 to 2018, the Texas Youth Action Network (TYAN) promotes Positive Youth Development (PYD) and Youth-Adult Partnerships (YAPs).  

Why Positive Youth Development?

Positive Youth Development:

  • Guides communities in how to organize services, opportunities, and supports.
  • Assists young people to reach their full potential through youth engagement.
  • Emphasizes a shift in working with youth by viewing youth as assets and not problems to fix.

PYD helps youth become contributing adults. Youth learn economic self-sufficiency, healthy family and social relationships, and community involvement. PYD focuses on building positive attitudes, skills, and behaviors. This reduces risky behaviors (Outley, 2018).  

Why Youth-Adult Partnerships?

Trained caring adults support young people to impact communities in powerful, dynamic ways. Some of the ways are:

  • Adults can understand problems better. They can think about solutions from the viewpoint of the young people affected.
  • Young people benefit as well. Youth learn to be confident leaders. They develop the skills to tackle tough issues in their own lives and in the community.



Texas Youth Action Network

The Texas Youth Action Network (TYAN) offers supports to help organizations build or expand Youth-Adult Partnerships (YAPs). YAP goals are to:

  • Empower youth
  • Build programs and policies that are responsive to the needs of young people

Each year, select organizations will become Community Partners and receive extra supports! The table below outlines the benefits of TYAN for any organization and for community partners.

  For All For Community Partners
Learn about the benefits of PYD and YAPs X X
Organizational assessment of capacity for YAP X X
Resources and activities X X
Continuing education credits in youth development X X
See what YAPs across the nation are accomplishing X X
Grant support   X
Technical assistance   X
Expense-paid youth-adult workshops for planning and networking   X
Program evaluation   X

Assess Your Organization Now!

Through TYAN, you can identify your organization’s strengths and areas for growth in supporting a YAP. Take an assessment created by PYD experts. Visit http://tyan.tamu.edu/assessment/

There are many ways to become involved with TYAN. Find the one that works best for you.

  • Join the email newsletter. TYAN sends regular updates on tips, strategies, and other interesting material on Youth-Adult Partnerships and Positive Youth Development. To receive these ideas in your inbox, send a message.
  • Use the tools and resources you find on the site. 
    • The organizational readiness assessment, YAP 101, and Start a YAP page provide comprehensive, structured support to creating and implementing YAPs in your community.
    • Or browse through the resources to focus on topics most relevant to you.

    To find out more information, email tyan@ppri.tamu.edu and visit https://tyan.tamu.edu.

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    Last updated March 3, 2021