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 BrucellaBrucella ICD-9 023; ICD-10 A23
(Brucellosis, Mediterranean Fever, Brucella melitensis, B.abortus, B.suis, B.canis)

• Fact Sheet   
  Facts about Brucella: agent, reporting, control, incubation, diagnosis and symptoms.

• Statistics      
  Brucellosis in Texas

• Brucellosis FAQs      
  Brucellosis (PDF)

• Brucellosis in animals      
  Brucellosis in animals (PDF)

• Feral Swine Hunters: Protect Yourself and Your Family From Brucellosis      
  CDC and USDA brochure (PDF)

• CDC Brucellosis Information      
  CDC Brucellosis webpage

Last updated March 1, 2021