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ELC Epidemiology Workshop February

February 23, 2016

Local Health Department Epidemiology Orientation
 Time  Topic  Speaker  Resource  Material
 9:00  Welcome  David Bastis PPT
 9:10  IRID  Lesley Brannan PPT
10:40  VPD  Rachel Wiseman PPT
 1:15  NEDSS  Laura Tabony PPT
 1:45  Foodborne  Venessa Cantu PPT
 3:25  HAI

 Jessica Ross

 Jennifer Vinyard



February 24, 2016

ELC Epidemiology Workshop Plenary

9:00 Welcome Marilyn Felkner  
9:10 Regional HAIs Epidemiologists introduction and overview Shawn Tupy  
 9:30 Local Health Department contract overview Eric Garza PPT
10:15 Clostridium difficile in the Environment Dr. Kevin Garey PPT
11:00 Neglected Tropical Diseases

Keeley Morris

Greg Leos

Inger Vilcins



1:00 Health Care-associated Outbreak in a Transplant Patient

Rachel Wiseman

Thomas Johnson

1:30 Bluebell Ice Cream Listeria Outbreak Venessa  Cantu
2:15 Trichinella Investigation

Nicole Evert

Jackie Mariscal

3:00 Public Health Emergency Preparedness Data QA Audits Ashley Rodriquez PDF
 3:45 Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Community Assessment

Venessa Palacios

Miguel Cervantes 

 4:15 Active Tuberculosis in a Drug Treatment Facility: Contact Investigation Challenges and Successes Elise Huebner PDF

February 25, 2016

ELC Epidemiology Workshop Break Out Sessions

8:00 - 11:30

Excel for Epidemiologists

Andy Mauney

Epi Curve Instructions

Epi Curve Data


County Count data

VLookup and HLookup PDF

20151101(zipped file)

20151201 (zipped file)


8:00 - 11:30

Health Care Associated Outbreak Tools, Prevention, and Intervention-Logistics and Scenarios

Jessica Ross

Bobbiejean Garcia

Thi Dang

Sandi Henley


8:00 - 11:30 Innovation and Quality Practices Laura Tabony/Marilyn Felkner  
  Minimizing Lost to Follow-up Jill Campbell 

Guide to Case Investigation

  Working with Border Protection, Immigrations, and Refugee situations

Herminia Alva

  Language services/Telephone interpretation

Eric Garza



  Foodborne Complaints Elise Huebner  
  Shelter surveillance

Steven Pulvino

Preliminary Summary

Preliminary Revised Summary

Situation Rep

Shelter Surveillance TP


Investigating Rare Diseases

Kay Sanyal

Case study

12:45 – 4:15

Foodborne Outbreak Tools, Prevention, and Intervention- Logistics and Scenarios

Venessa Cantu

Greg Leos

Irina Cody





12:45 – 4:15

Zoonotic Outbreak Tools, Prevention, and Intervention Logistics and Scenarios

Bonny Mayes

Nicole Evert

Laura Robinson

Chagas Disease

Lyme Disease


Triatomine and Tick Testing

Vector Prevention and Control


12:45 – 4:15

Vaccine Preventable and Respiratory, Outbreak Tools, Prevention, and Intervention Logistics and Scenarios

Lesley Brannan

Rachel Wiseman

VPD overview

IRID updates

H. flu and Acute Flaccid Myelitis

Avian Influenza Responder Monitoring












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