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What is Texas Electronic Registrar (TER) Death Registration?

TER-Death Registration is an online system that only requires Internet access, and is user-friendly. The system corresponds to the new Certificate of Death that was implemented on January 1, 2006. Anyone involved in completion of the Certificate of Death can participate, even if other parties do not. Users may start and complete their portions of the Certificate of Death without having to wait for the other parties to complete their portions. TER makes it possible for Licensed funeral directors, physicians, justices of the peace, medical examiners, and local registrars may electronically sign, certify, or verify the Certificate of Death.


With a death record entered into the TER Death system:

  • An automatic request for Social Security Number verification is initiated to check if the correct SSN number is on the record, eliminating SSN-related amendments;
  • A Report of Death is also available electronically to the local registrar and funeral directors are able to print paper copies of the Report of Death;
  • The physician, justice of the peace or medical examiner is notified electronically to complete their section of the Certificate of Death;
  • Timeliness prompts warn users to complete their portion so that the Certificate of Death can be filed in a timely matter; and
  • Medical amendments can be completed online.

Anyone purchasing a new computer system or changing/upgrading a current system for TER-Death will want to keep the following vendor preferred recommendations in mind:

  • A computer with a 1.0 GHz processor or faster
  • 512MB of RAM or more
  • Windows XP operating system
  • Web Browser with Flash Player (7.0 or greater)
  • 1024 x 768 resolution monitor
  • Internet access at 56K or better
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


If you need assistance place email: Help-TER


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Last updated July 6, 2012