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Cancer Reporting

Cancer Reporting

Texas acute care hospitals are the source from which most cancer cases are currently reported to the TCR. As more patients are diagnosed and treated outside the hospital setting, additional sources such as freestanding pathology laboratories, cancer treatment centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and physicians have become essential reporting sources for assuring complete, high quality statewide cancer incidence data.

Through the dedicated efforts of these cancer reporters, the TCR is able to collect cancer incidence data that meet national data quality standards, and contribute towards cancer prevention and control, including improving diagnoses, treatment, survival, and quality of life for all cancer patients.

Cancer reporting on each patient diagnosed and/or treated for cancer in Texas is also required by state law and administrative rule. Health care facilities (e.g., hospitals, cancer treatment centers, ambulatory surgery centers), pathology laboratories, and physicians (under certain circumstances) are required to report; however, reporting requirements for each vary.

Cancer Reporting Confidentiality and Immunity from Liability

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Last updated July 7, 2017