Cold Weather Can Be Hazardous: Have A Plan

Texas is seeing extremely frigid weather this year. These conditions can lead to dangerous conditions. If you prepare for cold weather, you are more likely to stay safe.

Winterize your home.

  • Wrap outside exposed faucets and pipes with foam coverings or towels.
  • In freezing temperatures, let your indoor faucets drip.
  • Install a smoke detector. Test batteries monthly and replace them twice a year.
  • Have a safe alternate heating source.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide (CO) emergencies.
  • Install a CO detector to alert you of the presence of the deadly, odorless, colorless gas. Check batteries when you change your clocks in the fall and spring.

Protect People and Pets

  • Check on older adults, family and neighbors who may be as risk.
  • Stay inside. Travel only when necessary. Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle.
  • Layer clothing: hats, gloves, and wind-resistant coats.
  • Keep pets inside.
  • If pets must be outside, provide adequate warm shelter and unfrozen water to drink.

Get Your Car Ready

  • Service the radiator and maintain antifreeze level.
  • Keep gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.
  • Use a wintertime formula in your windshield washer.
  • Prepare an emergency kit to keep in your car in case you become stranded. The kit should include:
    • Portable cell phone charger and extra batteries
    • blankets
    • food and water
    • booster cables, flares, tire pump, and a bag of sand or cat litter (for traction)
    • flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries
    • first-aid kit
    • plastic bags (for sanitation)

Winter is here and you can avoid dangerous problems by planning ahead. For more winter safety tips, visit


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Last updated February 1, 2018