Goals, Mission and Vision

To deliver the highest quality mental health services for our community and promote recovery from mental illness.

We honor the dignity and worth of each person. We believe our first responsibility is to the patients we serve. We respect the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and find that compassion is essential to fostering, healing and wholeness.

We believe our patients and their families deserve the best possible healthcare experience. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Teaching, learning and improving are fundamental in our efforts.

We believe we are accountable to our community for our stewardship. We have a special concern for the underserved and make quality inpatient mental healthcare available. Our decisions will serve our community in the present and preserve our mission into the future.

We believe our actions and decisions must reflect a faithful balance of our core values. We will act with absolute integrity and expect the same of those who work with us.

We believe our employees are the source  of our success. We are committed to providing a work environment and training opportunities that enable our employees to provide the most effective inpatient mental healthcare possible while allowing them to flourish professionally and individually.

Our organization must reflect the rich diversity of our community. We will respect, embrace and derive strength from our differences. Our every action will advance our mission to provide effective inpatient mental health services.

We envision that El Paso Psychiatric Center renders continuous inpatient hospital services, positively impacting mental illness.


    Compassion: to those who are affected with mental illness and to those who give them care.

    Integrity: to be honest, truthful and fair to the individuals served and to those who serve them.

    Respect: to appreciate cultural diversity, individuality and to preserve the human rights and dignity of the patients.

    Commitment: to dedicate ourselves to providing high quality, professional inpatient mental health care.

Our EPPC culture
Use our values to accomplish our mission by improving, evolving, changing and adapting to the needs of the patients and to the external circumstances.

Last updated April 8, 2011