Lead-Safe Texas Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1
Topics: Who are we? Is it the law? What do we do? Why is our level lower than OSHA's Guidelines?


Volume 7, issue 4
Topics: The Blood Lead Surveillance Group, How to navigate our website, a picture guide to navigating our website, TXCLPPP eNews, eNews Email Sign-up Form, Blood Lead Surveillance Group Publications

Volume 7, issue 3
Topics: Programs and services for Texas Children; How are we doing? Testing children for lead poisoning; 2009, Counts by County: Texas Children Under Age 6 Tested for Lead; Location, Location, Location: it's important to report the child's address

Volume 7, issue 2
Topics: The Silent Epidemic: The reasoning behind blood lead testing; got LeadCare? Early Detection+Early Intervention=A Healthy Child; Going Green: Switching from hard copy to electronic only; Location, Location, Location: it's important to report the child's address; Survey: Electronic Publications; Reporting Childhood Blood Lead Tests

Volume 7, issue 1
Topics: 2009 Blood Lead Screening and Testing Guidelines effective April 1, 2009; Updated Forms: Risk Assessment for Lead Exposure (Pb-110), and Reference for Follow-up Testing and Medical Case Management (Pb-109)

Volume 6, issue 4
Topics: Reporting Childhood Blood Lead Test Results: Missing address information; The Trails Project: Bringing lead education to healthcare providers and parents; 2008 Blood Lead Screening and Testing Guidelines: Survey Results; TX CLPPP Resources: forms, pamphlets, brochures; In the Spot Light: San Antonio Metro Health District

Volume 6, issue 2
Topics: Increasing Blood Lead Testing & Screening in Texas Children; Lead Screening in Texas, Background; 2000 Blood Lead Screening Guidelines; 2008 Blood Lead Screening Guidelines; Invalid Tests, Contaminated Results, and Blood Collection Methods; Blood Lead Screening and Testing Guidelines: Quick Reference Guide

Volume 6, issue 1
Topics: what is an Environmental Lead Investigation (ELI); what is the difference between an ELI and an home visit; who is responsible for ordering an ELI; clip-out form "Pb-101: Request for Environmental Lead Investigation"; how long does an ELI take to complete; new blood lead screening plan for Texas children

Volume 5, issue 2
Topics: Identifying high-risk areas and populations; review of TXCLPPP forms; letter to providers from a case manager; review of 2005 data; reporting - how are we doing; barriers to collecting race and ethnicity; how to avoid false elevated capillary BLL results.

Volume 5, issue 1
Topics: How Are We Doing? County-by-County Reporting Rates; 400,000 Consumer Product Recalls; Clip-out Flyer on Test Reporting; Testing Schedule

Volume 4, issue 4
Topics: The Face of Lead Poisoning; Tammy Chambers' Story; Update to Risk Assessment for Lead Exposure questionnaire; LeadCare ii Receives CLIA Waiver; Reader Survey

Volume 4, issue 3
Topics: Lab Submission Help Page, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Toxic Treats, Linking Lead Exposure and ADHD

Volume 4, issue 2
Topics: Lead in Ceramic Glaze, American Academy of Pediatrics Statement, Tear-out Fact Sheet, Grandparents Raising Texas Children

Volume 4, issue 1
Topics: New Follow-up Letter and Forms, News from Local CLPPPs, New Specimen Collection Poster, Blood Lead Reporting Guidelines, New Fill Volume and Variance Issues

Volume 3, issue 2
Topics: Educational Intervention, New Forms, Ordering Educational Materials, Physician Checklist for Parent Education Topics

Volume 2, issue 4
Topics: Nutritional Assessments and Intervention, New Child Lead Reporting Rules, 2002 Testing Data

Volume 2, issue 1
Topics: How Can Case Management Programs Help Me?, Why Is an Exposure History So Important?, Educational Interventions, Screening Statistics for 2001, Recommended Screening Guidelines

Volume 1, issue 2
Topics: What happens if the blood lead test result is 20ug/dL or greater?, Symptoms, Health Problems, Local Contacts, 2001 and July-December Testing Statistics

Volume 1, issue 1
Topics: Are Texas Children Lead Poisoned?, How and what to Report, How can TDH help?, Are Children being tested?, Are children in my county being tested?

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