Provider Withdrawal, Probation, Suspension, and Termination - Texas Vaccines for Children

2018 TVFC and ASN Provider Manual

To access the 2018 TVFC Provider Manual, please download here. Below is the chapter from the 2017 Manual.

Provider Withdrawal, Probation, Suspension, and Termination

Please download Chapter 1 - TVFC Provider Eligibility and Enrollment for more information on Provider Withdrawal, Probation, Suspension, and Termination from the TVFC program.

Provider Withdrawal from TVFC

Any TVFC provider wanting to withdraw from the TVFC Program must contact their Responsible Entity to arrange for vaccine pick-up and assistance with final paperwork. Prior to withdrawal, the provider must complete a Provider Withdrawal Form and submit the form to their Responsible Entity. 

Provider Termination from TVFC

A TVFC provider may be dis-enrolled for continued non-compliance with TVFC requirements, failure to complete the re-enrollment process, or failure to complete required corrective actions associated with non-compliance. 

A TVFC provider may also be terminated for instances of fraud and abuse, as described in Chapter 6 - Fraud and Abuse

All TVFC providers are notified of their termination from the program via a signed letter from the Immunization Unit Director. Terminated TVFC providers are removed from the TVFC Program for a period of one year before the provider may be considered for re-enrollment. 

The Vaccine Management Group (VMG) Manager and Vaccine Operations Group (VOG) Manager, in consultation with the Immunization Unit Director, have the authority to determine whether or not a provider is eligible to re-enroll in the TVFC Program. For more information on re-enrolling after termination, please see Chapter 1 - TVFC Provider Eligibility and Enrollment.

Last updated October 31, 2017