Regulatory Clarifications, Guidance Documents and General Publications - Retail Food Establishments

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Regulatory Clarifications

These Regulatory Clarifications preempt any previous clarification/guidance/policy letters on this subject and remain in effect until superceded in writing by the Food Establishments Group. Attributed use or reproduction of this information is freely granted.

No. 1: Hot Water at Vegetable Prep Sinks - 23-13187 

No. 2: Mobile Shrimp Vendors - E23-13188 

No. 3: Sprouting Seeds - E23-13189 

No. 4: Storage of Sanitizing Solution Buckets - E23-13190 

No. 5: Food Employee Infected with Hepatitis C Virus - E23-13191

No. 6: Retail Requirements for Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) Oysters - E23-13192 

No. 7: Wooden Skewers as Single-Service Articles - E23-13193 

No. 8: Restriction of a Food Employee with Lesions - E23-13194 

No. 9: Selling Yard Eggs at a Farmers Market - E23-13195 Updated 07/24/2017

No. 10: Demonstration of Knowledge - E23-13196 

No. 11: Competency of Inspectors - E23-13197 

No. 12: Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods - E23-13198 

No. 14: Service Animals in a Retail Food Establishment - E23-13251 

No. 15: Requirements for Service (Mop) Sinks 

No. 16: HIV and Food Employees

No. 17: Children's Beverage Stands 

No. 18: Certified Food Manager Requirements for Farmer's Markets 

No. 19: Hair Restraints - E23-14843

No. 20: Selling Non-Chicken Eggs to a Retail Food Establishment Updated 07/24/2017


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