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The Portal for Comprehensive Health Data in Texas

NEW! The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) has released the new Texas Health Data web-based query system.  This interactive site allows users to query DSHS public health datasets to obtain statistical reports and summaries.

Texas Health Data (THD) is currently available with a limited number of updated datasets, including population, birth, hospital quality indicators, and the Health Facts Profiles. Additional datasets will be added over the coming months.  THD will ultimately consolidate many of the current CHS query systems including the legacy Texas Health Data , Indicators of Inpatient Care, and the Behavioral Risk Factor and Youth Risk Behavior query systems. While current data are being added to THD exclusively, existing systems and the historical data they contain will remain available to users until the data have been moved to the new query system.

CHS is actively seeking feedback about the new Texas Health Data site and would like users to send comments, suggestions, and/or questions via email.
Texas Health Data announcement
HSoT2 A major new report quantifying significant disease trends in Texas has been released.
The Health Status of Texas 2014 (PDF, 12.6MB) estimates the disease burden across major population groups and describes trends over time that impact efforts to protect the health of millions of Texans. 

The Health Status of Texas Data Supplement (Excel, 210KB) is also available for download.
THI-graph Texas Health Indicators is an online collection of data displays exploring priority health trends in Texas over the last decade.

In December 2014 the site was updated to include more recent data and to add new indicators.
MonahrqLogo MONAHRQ® is a tool that analyzes, summarizes, and presents healthcare information in a ready-to-use format for consumers and other decision makers on hospital quality of care, healthcare utilization, and preventable hospitalizations. 

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HSI Announcement
Data Available at DSHS

CHS Data by Subject

Abortion data - Vital Statistics data tables*
Behavioral Risk Factors (BRFSS)
Birth data - customized queries
Birth, fetal death, and pregnancy data tables
Birth defect data - customized queries
Death data - customized queries
Death data - Vital Statistics data tables
Health professions - online data tables
HMO performance data
Hospital discharge data
Hospital survey data
Infant mortality
Major trauma - customized queries
Population data
Youth Risk Factors (YRBSS)


Additional DSHS Data by Subject

Birth defects monitoring
Cardiovascular disease and stroke
Chronic diseases
Environmental illnesses
Healthy Texas Babies
Infectious diseases
Injury and trauma data
Mental Health Data & Reports
Morbidity data
Substance Abuse Stats
Substance Abuse Statewide Client Data
Vaccine preventable diseases
Zoonotic diseases

*Patient age distributions for abortion data collected in 2013 and 2014 have been updated. Age was inconsistently calculated as compared to all prior years for those two years only. These changes do not impact the total number of abortions for each year. We are reviewing the way age was historically calculated to determine the most accurate calculation method to use.

Last updated July 21, 2017